LeadMaster CRM allows you to capture leads from multiple sources giving you the ability to streamline all of your lead capture activities.

Our lead provider populates the CRM database automatically and in real time. Once in the system, the leads can be automatically assigned to sales reps and channel partners with email notifications to alert them of the new opportunity. You’ll never lose another lead again.

Lead Management

Manage your leads from anywhere. Populate your CRM automatically for quick action by your sales team. Enjoy powerful lead grading and lead qualification.

Sales Pipeplines

Manage your sales pipeline, forecasts and your entire sales team’s performance.

Sales Force Automation

Nurture leads and develop opportunities and quotes within a simple interface. Say goodbye to redundant data entry.

Custom Tracks

Automate your communication by using customized tracks.

Marketing Automation

Create and launch campaigns by targeting specific markets and collecting and analysing those responses efficiently.


Create a series of automated actions and tasks that are triggered under certain conditions and apply them when you take actions.

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns across all types of media to best track your return on your marketing investment.

Business Intelligence

Get more from your data with reports that measure your company’s activities, pipeline, revenue and ROI.

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